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You may not believe me, but just try to run gparted from terminal without the sudo command preceding it

$ gparted

and you’ll see this dialog

It's a weapon of mass destruction

It's a weapon of mass destruction

Do you see that? It said that gparted can be a weapon of mass destruction, and yes it is right, that’s why you have to be a root to run it. This is the first evidence that Linux’s shell is really funny.

Next, you’ll see that shell can interact with people, even more having a kind of conversation with people. I took this screen shot on my PC running Ubuntu 8.04

It's trying to warn you

It's trying to warn you

Could you believe that?

Wanna see it’s joking, try to run this command from your shell

$ sudo apt-get moo

what you’ll get is

Nice joke...

Nice joke...

Funny, right?

Now, having read this, you must believe me shell is funny. FYI, people often called these ‘Easter eggs’, the funny things which is put by the programmer inside their software. The point of all of these, is that shell is just another way to interact with our Linux box. And if you try to know it, you will find that it is great, nice, and also fun.

Note: the apt-get command may only run on Debian GNU/Linux and its derrivative such as Ubuntu, Simply Mepis, Kuliax, etc. I have ever heard that PCLinuxOS also use this tool, but I’ve never tried it yet.



  1. yep… saya orang medan..tp karena swami lagi tugas di siantar jadi menetap di siantar ,,,

  2. OOo.. gitu toh? Saya orang Siantar asli…
    Senang juga bisa ketemu org Siantar di dunia maya ini…

  3. apt is cool cz its super-cow-power
    but dont try to remove most packages coz then apt says 2 u
    sorry this apt has no super-cow-power anymore
    🙂 dont ask just try it out 🙂

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